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I’m Adeleke Adesina

and I help entrepreneurs like you build business systems so you can be free to live your dreams!

Make more Money

Make more money on autopilot

Freedom to Spend Time

Freedom to spend time with family on vacation

Pursue your Dreams

Pursue your dreams without money worries.

If your business cannot thrive without you working in it 9-5, then you own a job and not a business.

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Ooh! The Joy of Being Free From Your Business to Live Your Dreams!

“ I wish my business could just run profitably without me. When I’m not around, nothing seems to work! I’m tired of putting out fires all the time. I want to be free to live my dreams and spend more time with my family.”

This is the language of most entrepreneurs I have interviewed over the years. They had the dream of building a business that would give them financial freedom, only to be trapped in the same business after many years of investment of their time and resources.

Imagine the transformation that could happen to you if your business can grow profitably without you having to work in it 9-5?

You make more money that gives you the freedom to spend time with family on vacation and pursue your dreams without money worries. 


You can achieve this by building systems into your business.

I’m here to help you build systems that allow your business to serve your customers better, cheaper, faster and easier. Systems that eliminate inconsistencies in your processes, allow your people to create and deliver quality products and services that delight your customers and keep them coming back to ask for more.

Guess what? They won’t only come back, but will come back with their friends with whom they have shared the unique delight of their experience with your business.

In the end, you will be able to serve more customers, scale your business profitably, 10X your revenue, and enjoy the freedom to live your dreams without regrets.

Systems allow you to work on your business and not in it!

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What Clients Are Saying

This is not an experience to be told. Every new/small/struggling business owner needs to experience the Business Systems Bootcamp. Borrow money if you have to. You will make way more than you paid and eventually run your business with peace of mind. I needed to run my business profitably. I wanted a steady flow of income, instead of a little here and there. It was also becoming really stressful to run things alone yet I was not making enough to hire more hands. Now, I have a business and products that sell without me. I am sleeping and smiling. I got a better understanding of who I am and what I do. Oh Coach Adeleke helped me to step up my confidence! I am no longer afraid to charge what my products are truly worth. My business has a structure and I am building a brand that can and will surely outlive me. Coach Adeleke truly cares about seeing his clients delivering results. He will go over and beyond the amount paid to see this happen. He is jovial, patient and very open. He would leave no information behind to help you. This has been an enjoyable experience through and through.
Boluwatife Ademokoya
CEO, 360 Guide Limited
Dr Adeleke's Boot Camp "How to build your dream business that can thrive without you" caught me by surprise. I signed up to the boot camp with a mind-set of ‘this is just a routine class.’ The bootcamp turned out to be so detailed and different, touching all the areas that stabilize the entrepreneur and the business itself. I really never thought that it was possible for my business to thrive without me but the boot camp helped me to have the tools needed to work on my business and not work for it. I was able to design and operate my company's lean canvas. We now have an operations manual for key operations in the company which has been stored by the management team. My experience with him was absolutely fantastic. His interpersonal expertise and attention to details is something to look forward to. He also makes sure he follows you up to ensure customer satisfaction. Thank you Dr Adeleke
Dolapo Williams
Director, Dolaville Schools
Dr Adeleke as I fondly call you, I would say you are truly a systems person. From the very first session we had at the Executive Business Systems Bootcamp, I just knew you were a coach to work with. Your impeccable timing did it for me. Everything was on time and in order without feeling rushed or too slow and I think that was the best part for me. Of course the content was top notch to say the least. I have made progress with designing my lean Canvas with your help. You are a great teacher. You are patient, understanding, kind and very detailed.
The Energetic EJ
Podcaster/Event Host
Dr. Adeleke Adesina is a phenomenal Leader with stellar-grade experiences. A fellow consultant and an ex-student of the Master Consultant Dr. Shola Ajani. Starting and growing 5 businesses in 14 years, and sustaining all 5 in profit takes a replicable system to achieve. Adeleke has mentored the young, the old, the rich and the super-rich. Away from the orthodox, brick and mortar antediluvian approaches. Those are fading relics of history. He takes you through business models, business systems, structures and solutions for many nagging business issues. You should meet him. He exudes an effervescent persona. He's got some gift of the gab, he is intuitive, charismatic, and emotionally intelligent....You would want to see him again and again.
Lawrence Otega
Finance and Business Consultant